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Week in the life 2017// Getting ready!

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Hi there! I know that I’m running late with my post about my week #14, but I really wanted to share this first!

So…How many of you will partecipate at the “Week in the Life” project next week?

I’m really excited about it, but if you are not familiar with this project go here and check it out! It will blown your mind!

It will be my first time and since it’s a project that requires a little bit of commitment I asked myself WHY I wanted to do it this year. I guess that the answer it’s in my life…For those who don’t know it yet, last November I moved from Como lake area (where I lived and worked for 5 years) to Edinburgh to join my fiancè who already worked here. I turned my life upside down, dropped my job, packed all my stuff and started a brand new life in another country. My fiancè works at the University as researcher and tutor, so it has a three years contract and we are already half way. That means that probably in one year or so from now our life will be totally different, we may have been back to Italy or leave in a different country, I could keep being an housewife (like right now) or being back to work…who knows! So I thought that will be awesome to document how our life is nowadays, our routine, our first home together, our life here in Edinburgh, our friends… Then I found out that it will be the week of April 17th, meaning that on Monday and Tuesday we will still be in Italy for Easter celebrations. At first, I thought to move to the week after, in order to document an entire regular week of ours…but then I realized that for us, who live away from our family, that’s regular. I mean that we are used to have a part of our heart far from us, because our parents, our best friends live at thousands of miles away and despite the modern ways to keep in touch (skype, whatsapp, voice calls) there’re so many moments that we miss everyday like my sister’s dinner for her first house, my parent’s painting exhibitions, the Sunday lunch all together, my best friend’s new job celebration, our crazy girls night out…we talk all the time but we can’t share the everyday life. We live a little bit “splitted” so I think that even the next week won’t be one of our “regular” week, will be a typical week anyway, because it will show how we always fell.

Now, let’s stop with all the why and let’s move to the HOW. I want to be more intentional with this album, so I’m going to use basically the same kind of layout that Ali Edwards did last year but with a 3×8 page protector for each day to journal. For me it’s easier to write just a few words on photos or labels, but in this project I want to be more wordy and tell actually our stories in details.WITL layout

I’m still trying to figure out if I want to use a theme schedule for each day or not, and if so what theme and for which day.

I really love the Ali Edwards kit, but unfortunately I can’t afford them, so I like to create my own kit from my stash. For this project I started watching the items that are in the original kit, and tried to find something similar or with the same use, that I already own.


In the original kit there were some dividers included (for early birds), so I pulled out 7 tags to use them as my day dividers.img_7607.jpg

I really envy the days of the week wood veneers, and I don’t have anything close to that, so I picked up some letters from the C’est la vie acetate alpha by Pink Paisley to mark the days.


My idea it’s to do something like this below.


I also replaced the acetate days of the week with some letters from Heidi Swapp plastic alpha to spell the first three letters of each day.


Another item that I love in Ali’s kit and that I can’t replace anyway closer is the pack of rubber shapes…they are awesome! So…I went through my wood veneers boxes and pulled out a few things that could help to document our week.


I admit that to replace the chipboard flairs I overdue and pulled out a lot of chipboard stickers from Studio Calico, A beautiful mess, Pink Paisley, etc. I know for sure that I won’t be using all of them, but I need to have them all together to choose the one that I need and I hope to make a good dent in the most of them!


Some other bits and pieces I included are:

    • days of the week printed on cardstock (I love the Underwood Champion font…)
    • a mini washi tape by A Beautiful Mess with the week days (if I don’t use it for this project, when will I use it??)
    • some paper die cut from the Cypress Grove SC kit that are very “daily” and I didn’t have the chance to use it yet in my weekly album
    • some labels…I mean, you know how much I love the labels…so I pulled out this sheet but I’m definitely going to use also my own designed.

In the original kit there’s also a stamp set with words for various moment of the day…well I’ll be for sure using some stamp set from my stash, but I will be also using these lovely words from Young at Heart kit by SC that I haven’t used yet.


And now the cards! Ok I admit that I overdue here again, but I just grab more filler cards that I will be possibly need, so I can find the better one for each day. Even thought it may not seems, I put a lot of attention in “quantity” so I made myself sure to have enough journaling cards like in Ali’s kit.


To match the original kit I designed myself some “daily review” cards.


I also add some background cards since I really love to use them and I thought they could provide a great base for some of the chipboard embellishments.


Last but least, my roller stamps. I’m going to use for sure the date roller stamp, the time roller stamp and the days of the week roller stamp. I’ll probably use even the Food Coma stamp set, the New Adventure and the Food & Travel stamp set…I mean these three are in all my pocket pages spreads…I doubt I can avoid to use them!


And that’s it! I put everything in chocolate box ( ‘cause you know…life is like a chocolate box…and even our week in the life will be!) and I’m really ready to start next week!

Let me know what are your plans and I hope to be able to write some update working in progress during next week!

Stay tuned!





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