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Week in the life 2017// Monday April 17th

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Hi there! The Week in the life it’s here! I know..it’s already Wednesday, so I’m terribly late, but I have to say in my defence that I was in Italy to celebrate Easter with my family until yesterday night…I’ll be playing catch up massively today!

In Italy the day after Easter it’s a holiday so definitely not a usual Monday for us, but it’s really what happens during our vacations days when we are back in Tuscany, so I guess it’s worth to document it as well.


8:28// I generally get up as soon as I wake up, but Alessio -my fiancè- loves to roll in bed, check his phone and just wait at least half an hour before get up…that’s definitely common for us, everyday of the week no matter where we are…


9:38// While he is still rolling and chilling, I get up and join my dad in the kitchen. He is still putting things in the dishwasher after the huge Easter lunch and dinner. We chat about my night out with my best friends, that I always find time to see when I’m back to my hometown. My parent’s dog, Amelia, it’s so cheerful and lovely! After 5 minutes of cuddling, she just stand in front and look at me…


10:19// My mum and my fiancè arrive in the kitchen at same time, so it’s definitely time for breakfast. I usually don’t eat anything for breakfast, just drink my espresso coffee super tall, but my dad today is tempting me with some simple and tasty stuff… I couldn’t say no, especially because it’s difficult to find something close in Edinburgh! So my breakfast was coffee+ bread with butter and anchovies + bread rubbed with tomatoes, oil and salt. This are very poor dishes, typical of tuscany’s farmers, so nothing fancy, but OMG they are the greatest!


10:20// Me and my dad eat salty breakfast, my mum and Alessio a sweet one, with cookies, the and latte…everyone is happy today!


10:44// Today it’s amazing! It’s sunny and super warm (like 20° C that it’s not common for Tuscany in April) and it’s great even to just stay on our balcony and look at the sky.


11:03// Today we are in full relax, so we just lay on the sofa, talking with my parents and relaxing. P.s. I know that my pajama it’s awesome, right?! LOL


11:44// My sister and her husband arrive for lunch (and Amelia goes to say “hello and welcome”)! We don’t have the chance to spend a lot of time together, so when I’m back to my parent’s home we try to hang out the most we can.

IMG_8100_1.jpg12:07// We watch an Italian old movie called “La pupa del boss” and just relax on the sofa.


12:38// It’s time to prepare lunch, even though we could fasting for the entire day (and probably week, considering how much we ate on Easter).


13:14// While my parents are cooking, I go to take a quick shower and get dressed…I’ve being hanging around in pajama enough for today!


13:17// The lunch it’s almost ready!


13:22// We get the table ready, slicing the bread and starting to place the salad already there.

13:26// The lunch! Pasta with bolognaise sauce, roastbeef, salad, spinach and strawberry… I don’t like sweets so for me no tiramisù, but the rest of my family enjoy a very good mum’s tiramisu. I love to be at home!


14:30// I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that I get very relaxed when I’m at my parent’s house or it’s the ridiculous amount of food we ate every time, but I always end up sleeping on the sofa after lunch…today for TWO hours! I mean, I think I passed out…no other explanation…LOL (My mum was so kind to take this picture of us while we were asleep and I love this photo so much!! I guess it will be printed in 6X8 for sure)


14:43// We are not the only ones that are chilling out hard… the rest of my family it’s pretty much in the same situation… Ps. You can see that my dad as well is taking picture of us sleeping…we had to be super cute I guess!


18:09// I wake up from our nap around 16:30 and we do some tv zapping-watching a couple of Tiny House episodes- I start to get ready for our dinner out… I did my makeup in this bathroom for like 15 years…it’s like traveling back in time…


18:16// Still struggling with selfies, but I really like this outfit…and the shirt it’s actually from a H&M pajama LOL…

IMG_8115 18:48// We stop at my sister’s new house…they just bought it and the previous owner are still in, so we can just look it from the outside, but the panorama is amazing and the building seems really nice! I’m really happy for them and even if I missed the celebrations for the “paper signed” I’m glad to have been able to see it now…


19:01// Artimino is a small village on the hills between Prato and Florence…it’s famous for the wine and “the 100 chimneys’ villa”. My fiancé have never been here so we think could be a nice and panoramic place to have dinner. 

19:26// The restaurant it’s called “Bottega Peruzzi” because it use to be a family run grocery store (in Italian bottega) and now they serves traditional Tuscan food but with something new. We share some tagliere with charcuterie and cheese plus some crostini. I’m ordering a very intriguing dish that are tagliatelle with boar sauce (that is typically Tuscan) but this tagliatelle dough contains also cocoa powder…they turned out to be delicious!

IMG_8121_1.jpg 20:08// sometimes a family selfie it’s exactly what you need!


20:31// I love these spring evenings when you can relax enjoying the view and the air it’s crispy but not cold… p.s. I love my Iphone but it’s really unable to take good pictures with low light…despite that I love the ruffled look of this picture. 


21:32// since it’s too early to go to bed we are watching this great movie with my parents! Really like it! After the movie we go to the bed right away…

Observations: Our usual Monday it’s really different. It includes our morning routine, work in University for my fiancè, my week planning, our weekly menù put on paper, my editing session of previous week photos, pocket pages spread recording process video, a trip to the supermarket, some dish wash, one laundry, prepare dinner, Ale going to soccer, we having dinner and generally some binge watching. I’m happy that I can still document these things because I’ll have to reschedule the most during the week and also that I can share a part of my life, like the one I documented today that I don’t “live” often but it’s so dear to my heart.

Gratitude: I know that I’m blessed to have such lovely and amazing family and I’m really grateful to have the chance to spend some time together during the Holidays.

My favorite moment: my breakfast! I really enjoyed every single bite!

I don’t know if I did it right! I mean, it’s my first year doing this project and definitely try to write a blog post about it, it’s even more challenging… So I hope I’m doing it right and that you will be ready in a few hours for Tuesday!

Stay tuned




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