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Week in the life 2017// Tuesday

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Hi there! This project is amazing! I’m enjoying it more and more every minute. It’s really stunning to see how your life looks like when you watch it closely…

On Tuesday we were still on vacation in Italy and since we spent the Monday with my parents, we went to Alessio’s parents house, that is 40 minute highway away from my home town. We enjoyed some family time: went to visit his grandmother and  his uncle.


8:06// We are going to go back to Edinburgh tonight so it’s time to pack up and get ready for the next stop: Alessio’s parents house. All the time we try to travel super light, but we end up bringing back some food and presents…we are two lucky guys!


8:12// Breakfast time! I’m eating bread with rubbed tomato, salt and oil, while Alessio is having is tea & cookies.


9:01// After a shower, it’s time to wash my teeth and put my make up on. This morning the highway it’s pretty empty, so the trip is quick and we are talking about buying some book in a bookshop or in the airport before leaving…despite our ability to understand English, it’s always easier for us to read novels in Italian…


10:04// We arrive at Alessio’s parents house and we chat with his mum for a while, updating her about what we did on Monday. I love their kitchen, his father designed it, so it’s one of a kind and I really like to hang around here.


10:15// My father-in-law it’s remodeling a house close to their actual one and he is there, doing some work, so we are going to see how the things are developing. The view from this house it’s lovely and so peaceful!


10:48// We are using the car a lot today, since we are going to his grandma’ house to say hello and stay with her for a while.


12:08// We are back at home again and we are preparing the table for lunch, while we wait that his uncle come back from work to pop up for a goodbye to him and his family too.


12:41// After visiting his uncle we are in the car again…ready to go to lunch!


14:10// The weather it’s colder than yesterday but it’s still lovely and I take all the chances to stay out of the house. The lunch was really good! I had linguini with truffles and steak…I’m going to miss Italian food so much!


14:53// We are booking the hotel for his parents that will come to visit us in Edinburgh in late May. We are planning to go on a weekend trip on the Highlands with them and I’m really excited…I’ve never seen Lochness, Inverness and the Skye and I’m looking forward to go there!


15:07// The weather is changing…a very strong wind it’s now blowing and I guess it will rain badly within minutes…


15:19// I take the chance to go to my OB to have my endometrial cyst check…I will have surgery within a few months and I want to see if the birth control pill it’s working to shrink it down before the procedure. // I’m so glad that it’s actually working and my cyst is now a third in volume compared to my last ultrasound 4 months ago! I’m feeling so much relief now!!


17:54// Finally at the airport! Our flight will be at 19:35 so we are just waiting by the gate, looking on social media and reading.


18:25// We are buying some books to bring them home…Alessio wants me to read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, so we took it as well!


19:34// The flight has a delay and we are boarding now (we were supposed to take off at this time…). Hopefully the weather won’t get any worst.


19:42// We ask to a gentleman that has the seat next to me, to swap it with my fiancè, so we could stay together during the flight. I really love to rest on his shoulder while we are traveling.


20:16// The sunset from the plain, above the clouds, it’s amazing. I can never get enough of it!!


20:45// My dinner…LOL! Compared to the food I had in the past days, this is just for basic survival!! Ham & Cheese Panino + Olives + Pringles Sour Cream & Onion…


22:54// Here we are! Back in Edinburgh and definitely ready for going to bed! I love to live in the Old Town, so we can have a 20 minutes walk home admiring all the beautiful buildings and monuments along the road.


23:24// I love to arrive at home and see my Studio Calico Documenter kit that waits form me in the mail! Tomorrow I’m going to kill it!


23:36// Our passport are going to be back in the shelf, our home keys are on the table…we are ready to go back to our routine! Good night everybody!

Observations: The weather is changing…yesterday was super hot for this time of year, but it was so pleased. Today it’s colder and at some point the sun disappeared, the wind started to blow strongly and then it started to rain badly… Luckly it resolved quite a bit before our flight took off!

Gratitude: I’m really glad that my medications are working great and that my cyst it’s really shrinking down…The surgery will be easier and safer this way, so I’m really over the moon for this news!

Favorite Moment: My doctor’s appointment! The news were so amazing and unexpected that even the rain looked happy and shiny to me…



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