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Week in the life 2017// Thursday

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Hi there! It’s already Friday and the week is going on pretty easy. I’m working hard on my blog and Alessio is back in his lab’s routines. On Wednesday night I was telling him about this project and how I was working on and I mentioned that I would love to include some photos of his days, for having even his prospective in the album. He ask me what I meant exactly so I did a few examples and that was it. Yesterday he arrived at home from work and while we were talking about his day, he said “Ah, look! Here there are my pictures for your week in the life, are they ok?” I was over the moon!! He is not a very photo-addict guy and definitely not mundane photos like details or food, so for me seeing that he took a little time to do some snapshot because he knows I care, has been the greatest proof of love I can think of. So be prepared, there’ll be two point of view today!


7:30// The weather is lovely today and Calton Hill looks great on the background.


7:57// I start my morning with my coffee and some video editing. Alessio is getting up, I can hear him in the bathroom, so it’s time to set up his breakfast.


8:21// While Alessio eats his breakfast, I’m preparing his lunch.


8:25// His lunch menù for today is: bresaola with shredded parmigiano and sundried tomatoes + salad + plums.


8:32// I’m taking this picture because I realized that I have a funny habit…Once I open a juice, I put it with the cap closer to me, while the juice that is still sealed is with the cap far from me. I know, it’s silly and it won’t matter to anyone in the world, but it’s a kind of a routine and I want to document it.


MY MORNING 08:54// Alessio has just left home, so I’m going to get ready and do some houseworks!


HIS MORNING 9:00// Alessio walks to work everyday (if the weather it’s not too awful) and he notice all the sort of things that changes along the road. The “56th North” has put the tables outside…it looks a lot like summer over here!


MY MORNING 9:15// I like to wait an hour or so before making the bed, so I’m going to do it now.

HIS MORNING 9:28// Alessio works in the School of Chemistry at the Edinburgh University, so on the left you can see the statue representing David Brewster (who was a Scottish physicist and  inventor) and on the right you can see the entrance of the Joseph Black Building, where he works.


MY MORNING 10:08// Laundry time. I like to do our laundry in the morning so I can hopefully fold everything the following afternoon. P.s. I tried to take some ground pictures like Ali Edwards and I really like how it turned out.


HIS MORNING 10:49// Ok…that’s tricky… Alessio is a chemist so he spend the most of his days in lab doing reactions. Not able to explain it better than this, so just appreciating that he took this picture for my project.


MY MORNING 11:08// I’m forcing myself to take more care of my body, so I’m having a morning snack with kiwi and my dose of magnesia.


11:19// Working at the table on my blog posts… I’m still too slow in finishing a post, but I’m hoping to become faster the more I practice.


HIS MORNING 13:01// Alessio usually has lunch in the computational chemistry office with his colleagues. I like to know that is eating something healthy and homemade instead of readymade sandwich and soda.


MY MORNING 13:37// Preparing my lunch. Today’s menù is small egg’s pasta in beef broth. Sounds like I’m sick, but it’s just my favorite food ever! So every time I want to treat myself I made this dish.


HIS AFTERNOON 14:06// Running some tests to check their compounds.


MY AFTERNOON 14:16// Washing dishes…I miss so much to have a dishwasher machine! In this house we don’t have it, so one my most hated duty is to wash dishes. After that I went back to my computer to write, write, write…


19:41// Alessio is at home. He arrived later than usual because a guy from his research group today present his project for the PhD so they stay late to celebrate him. We like to talk about our day and how it went.


20:04// We are preparing the dinner together. It doesn’t happen often, generally I’m the one in charge of the cooking, but tonight we are talking about his career and I can’t hear him if he speaks to me from the living room, so he is joining me at the stove.


20:39// The dinner is on the table! Pasta with courgettes and bacon.


21:16// Movie night. We want to watch something and we pick this up… Definitely not my favorite movie…Alessio is asleep after the first hour, so probably even not his favorite as well. LOL


00:00// When I saw my camera timer I laughed! Very sharp tonight! The day was intense for both of us and we collapsed as soon as we lay down.

See you tomorrow!






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