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Week in the Life 2017// Wednesday



Hi there! I’m doing a major catch up with the first days of this week in the life and I really like the entire process! I love to go through my pictures, edit them and journal a little about all the details of my life. It’s really amazing how a project so simple can led us to do major analysis about our life, our relationships, our habits and even push us to reconsider things we are not fully satisfied about.

On Wednesday we were back home, so we had to get back on truck with our routines. Usually I do my planning (both scheduling on my agenda and weekly menù) on Monday, but this week I did them on Wednesday. We also decided to go to the pub to see a Champion’s League soccer match at the very last minute, so our dinner was really early, but it’s the best part of the week in the life… just live and see what happens!


7:21// Our alarm ring every morning at 7:00, because my fiancè “needs” an extra hour to roll in bed, read a little bit of a book, do all the things slowly. He usually leave for work around 8:40, so I know that I can let him sleep and roll until 8:00. Sometimes I just stay in bed with him, other times I get up and spend one hour in full relax on the sofa. I go out to smoke a cigarette (I know I have to quit, I’m working on it…) and I watch the city that wakes up… I love that we live just in front of the Arthur Seat and that looking to my left I can see Calton Hill, I’m a lucky girl!


7:38// My coffee is ready and I’m laying on the sofa, watching an episode of “Chicago Med” just to weak me up.


8:09// Alessio is in the bathroom, so it’s time to get up from my beloved sofa and I can start to prepare his tea.


8:12// His breakfast is ready, so I can go to take a quick shower.


8:29// One of my morning routine is to prepare Alessio’s lunch. He eats at the University and I’m very careful with his menù schedule…I really like that he could eat everyday something different, healthy and balanced. Today the menù is: turkey and potatoes meatballs + sauteed mushrooms + bread…Unfortunately I don’t have any fruit for him, since we were out for 4 days, but generally he got also a fruit everyday.


8:33// After packing his lunch my attention is caught up by our aromatic herbs that are growing. I’m very bad with plants (I have a black thumb…as we say…), but Alessio it’s really good with them. He used to have bonsai so he is very patient and thoughtful (I always forget to give them water…) I love to have this little inner garden and I adore the fact that if you look it through the right angle, it seems almost to bend with our backyard


10:12// Usually I edit and print my pictures for my Pocket Pages Weekly Album on Monday morning, but this week everything it’s delayed so I’m doing it now. I love to be able to edit and print the photos directly from my iPhone: it’s easy and quick!


10:59// Another of my Monday’s routine pushed on Wednesday this week is my planning session. I plan our weekly meals and jot down our grocery list so I can go to the supermarket on the afternoon. I also use a table planner to organize my blog and social media schedule. I use a notebook for jotting down ideas for future projects or devide in steps the one that I’m working on. This week even the daily tracker for the WITL are on my table to be look at.


11:05// On Monday, after printing my photos from the previous week, I set up everything to record my process video, while I create my spread.


12:58// Lunch time. I’m preparing one of my comfort food from childhood: spaghetti with butter, capers, nutmeg and pepper… I know, sounds wired, but when I was a kid I was very picky with food and ate just a few stuff, no idea why, but I’ve always loved vinegar, so the sour of capers made everything taste better.


15:31// I’m downloading pictures and the recorded video for my blog and my Youtube channel. My Mac is old and it always take forever to do this kind of tasks!


17:06// Grocery time! The supermarket is just 5 minutes walking from home and we don’t have a car here, so I use my lovely owl cart to bring things at home.


17:07// Definitely my favorite pictures from today! I love these tree when they bloom…they stay bloomed just for a few days, but boy! They are amazing! Even going to the grocery store looks lovely when you have such a view…


17:22// Less people than usual at the supermarket and I’m a the counter in ten minutes!


17:31// Going back home I can see the opposite side of our common backyard and even here it’s full of amazing blooming trees. I love Spring!



17:48// Everything goes into the fridge…


18:23// Alessio arrived at home and told me that I would love to go to Finnegan’s (his favorite pub) to watch the Champion’s League soccer match with some colleagues, so I start to prepare the dinner earlier than usual. The sweater I’m wearing was my mum’s from the 80’s and even if it hasn’t any shape anymore I love it, the color is gorgeous and it’s warm…One of my favorite sweater to wear indoor.

18:27// Alessio loves asparagus so I thought to try to cook a new pasta sauce. i mean, it’s one of the most common with asparagus in Italy, but I’ve never tried to prepare it, so finger crossed.


18:40// While pasta is cooking, I’m getting ready since we have to leave at 19:15… I’m the worst persone in the world with selfies, but I’m still trying and even if this one it’s pretty bad and shaken I’ll be including in my album as well… real life, right?


19:00// Pasta with asparagus and shrimp is ready, and actually it’s really tasty! I will definitely do this again soon!

IMG_824319:35// My favorite thing about going to the Finnegan’s is the fact that is in Victoria Street and this street is without any doubt my absolute favorite here in Edinburgh. I love it because: 1) it’s beautiful 2) it goes down like in spiral shape and that amazes me all the time 3) is full of lovely shops 4) -but actually in the top three reasons- is the inspiration for Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley! I mean, how cool is that?!


19:38// Ready for the game to start! Alessio is ordering the drinks (beer for him, rum & coke for me) and everybody’s tension it’s in the air…


21:11// During the break I’m outside to get some fresh air and this blackboard make me laugh! We are watching “This is us” and one of my favorite quote it’s the one about lemon that the doctor tell to the main character in the first episode…well so deep is that quote, so funny is this one…


21:49// We are walking back home and along Cowgate there is this pub. On one of their side wall there is this neon light sentence, that is without any doubt my favorite quote ever. I can’t help myself, I need to take a picture of it.


22:02// It’s too early to go to bed, so we are watching two more episodes of “This is us”…hands down, one of the best shows ever!


00:21// My cyst requires me to take my pill every night and now it’s part of my evening routine. I want to include some reading in my evening routine as well, but I forget to do it, the most of the nights.

So even Wednesday  is over and this project is really catching me! Definitely WITL will become a habit, like December Daily already is.





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