Week in the Life

Week in the life 2017// Friday


Hi there! Just two more days to go…I guess I’ll feel strange when this project will be over. It caught me so deep that I’ll miss it, even though I’m sure I will love to put my album together!

Friday’s are for pizza! We are Italian and beyond the well known stereotypes, we really love pizza, so once a week I prepare it and usually it’s on Friday night. April 21st is also Jack Nicholson birthday (as the news remembered us) and this year he turned 80. We were commenting our favorite movies and Alessio told me he had never seen “As good as it gets” so I decided that we have found the movie for tonight.

Alessio had also taken some pictures today (I love this guy so much!), so you’ll see his photos between mine as well.


7:00// My bedside table is the first thing I see every morning. When I moved here I needed to find a place to a lot of my stuff and I was struggling about where to put my lightbox, then I realized that actually a lightbox could be a used as a light for my bedside table and I love it! I also has a couple of books, a couple of pictures, a bowl full of the most various items and this month I also have the sticky notes for my One Little Word project.


7:04// This morning look cloudy but I can spot the blue sky at South, so I hope the weather will get better.


7:10// That’s how my kitchen looks like every morning… I’m too lazy in the evening to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen after dinner, so my dirty dishes say “Hello” to me every morning!


7:48// While Alessio is getting ready, I’m packing his lunch. Today’s menù: haddock’s fishcake + salad + plums.


8:32// Alessio left home early this morning and I’m starting to write yesterday’s blog post… I’m loving this project, but it’s also time consuming (or at least I’m still a slow writer in English) and I need a lot of time to finish one post. I hope in a while I’ll be faster…


HIS MORNING 8:39// Just arrived at the University and ready to start another working day!


11:56// It’s time to prepare the pizza dough. I like to do slow leavening’s pizza, that means that the dough will rest in fridge for a few hours and then it will finish leavening out of the fridge for a couple of hours. I use only plain flour, oil, water, yeast and salt.


12:06// After finishing to knead I cover the dough and put in the fridge. I always prepare a double quantity of dough, so I can freeze half of it and the following week I just have to take it out of freezer in the morning.


13:22// Lunch time! Today I prepare my pasta with courgettes, prawns and curry cream. I love pasta and I eat it basically everyday…I’m Italian to the bone LOL


14:16// This is our building backyard and in sunny days like this is beautiful just seat on the grass and read a book. I’m going out to banging a carpet before wash it, but I’m hanging out a while just to enjoy the sun and view. Then I’m going to do some laundry and vacuum the house.


16:13// Finally I’m able to seat at my table and create something. I’m working on my #the100dayproject and I’m doing 100 pocket page’s cards. This project is great for me because it challenges me to try new techniques and find new way to create a PL card.

17:18// I like the two cards I created today and the last thing to do, as usual, is to photograph them and edit, ready to be shared on IG.


HIS AFTERNOON 17:19// The working day is over and the walk home is beautiful with such an amazing weather and those lovely bloomed trees.


HIS AFTERNOON 17:39// Both of us appreciate good jokes and catch, so just like I did on Wednesday, even this sign needs a picture.


18:06// Alessio is at home! We just relax on the sofa, updating each other about our day while he watches the new episode of “Better call Saul”.


20:18// I forgot to take pictures while we was preparing the pizza and I just recall it when they are in oven, but later it’s better than never, right? Our pizzas are the same: tomato sauce (seasoned with oil, salt and origan), mozzarella, ham and chestnut mushroom.


20:37// Pizza!! We sit down, watching the news, eating pizza, drinking Coke and enjoying the fact that TGIF!!


21:05// I know, this picture it’s everything but a good one. Despite that I love the light that we have at this time of the day and the fact that the days are so long up here…I mean it’s 9pm and there’s still some light.


21:17// As I mentioned before, the news let us know that today is Jack Nicholson’s birthday, so I thought it could be nice to watch “As good as it gets” since Alessio never saw it. We really adore our Chromecast. It’s the best way for us to watch movies and tv series on TV by our computers, best buy ever! Right after the movie is over around 23:30, we went to bed and called it a day…we are the worst thirty people LOL!

Another day it’s over and now just the weekend is left before the end of this project…I’m gonna miss it for sure!






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