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Week in the Life 2017// Saturday

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Hi there! And we are, just one day to the end. This project has taught me so much, I looked at all the small things that make my life what it is and I realized more than ever how lucky I am, so I would like to start this post with some Gratitude.

1- I’m grateful for the beautiful people that are in my life, people who loves me like my parents, my sister, my friends and more than everybody my fiancè.

2- I’m grateful for the chance to live this amazing experience that is living in another country, meeting great people, knowing a culture that is different from mine.

3- I’m grateful for being so lucky that I can stay at home and try to build my own business (if I will ever be good enough…), having my fiancè that supports me and never pressured me to obtain quick results or asking me to go back to a “real” job.

About this project itself…

4- I’m grateful for the commitment. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to be fully committed with this project. It’s a big challenge to keep up with photos, but nothing compared to write a blog post a day and moreover so deep and exposing about myself and my life. But I did it and since it’s just one more day left I’m confident I can pull through.

5- I’m grateful for the great photo inspiration. I’ve tried all sorts of iPhone placement, I used the timer a lot (and before this week I had probably used it only once), I used my selfie stick (that is a new buy and I bought it manly for video’s recording), I ask my fiance to take his pictures and having the chance to include even his point of view and some of HIS daily life it’s amazing…I’ve learned more about photography, tricks and techniques this week than all the previous 2 year of documenting my life.

I can’t wait to receive my album next week (I managed to order it just yesterday, so I guess I will receive it by next Friday) and put everything down the cloud and transform it into a physical project.

Saturday was strange, I mean, we often spend our Saturday at home, just chilling out and binge watching movies and tv shows, but it’s more common in winter, not during spring. No idea why, but this time we stayed at home and relax…probably because last weekend and the beginning of this week were so intense that we need some extra time to rest. That means that I took less pictures than the other days but I also think is normal since the most of our routine don’t need to be repeated in every single day.


7:08// My usual Calton Hill’s morning pictures. I’m doing this very same picture every morning since I went back in Edinburgh and I really like to have this kind of consistency through my album at least on one picture’s theme.


7:13// Saturday morning is very quiet…The air is crisp and clear, the blue sky is stunning, same as for the Arthur Seat. I love to enjoy this few moments of total quiet before starting my day.

IMG_84359:02// Alessio is awake and both of us are on the sofa. I’m ordering my album and some supplies at La Fourmi Creative while we are watching “This is us” and Alessio is enjoying his morning tea.


11:18// Alessio is getting ready to go to the swimming pool that is like a couple of blocks away, while I finish writing my blog post.


12:31// I can tell he is back from the stuff trail that goes from the front door to the bathroom…time for me to set up lunch!


12:41// I love to cook! But I don’t always have the time or I have plenty of time, so I like to freeze everything I prepare in exceeding quantity or that requires long and slow cook. One of my most recent recipe that became one of our favorite is the mince turkey ragout. I prepare it every month and I make it in large amount so I can freeze it and have it ready. Yesterday we had pizza and I have some sauteed mushroom’s leftover…I’m going to add them to the ragout, let’s see if it will be a good match!


13:13// Ready to eat! The extra mushrooms are great in the sauce and I’m thinking to add them permanently to the recipe.


15:30// After lunch we took a nap (I guess we really need some extra rest…) and then I’m reading this great bookzine I bought at the airport last Saturday…It’s amazing, full of informations and definitely incredible inspiring!


17:38// One of my best friend has been living in New York from a couple of years and it’s not always easy to talk on the phone (we usually communicate through whatsapp), but she texted me earlier to ask me if she can call me so here we are… Meanwhile I accidentally opened Snapchat and I need to try this new filter while we are talking.


17:42// Alessio (the only green thumb in this house) is taking care of this plants…We planted the seeds two weeks ago and now this flowers are growing so fast and without control, so he is using the bamboo skewers to help them grow properly.


18:00// I really love this corner above our bookshelf! And the plants in the Flying Tiger’s mint green tin are gorgeous! After his gardening session and my writing one we sat down watching Fast & Furious (I’m the fan, not him…strange, right?!)



21:12// Sushi night!! We love sushi!! At least once a week we need some sushi and Saturday nights are perfect. Besides the restaurant is 200mt away from our door so we generally take away and eat at home.


22:21// I know that in this project the photos are usually not “posed” but we were on the sofa watching the basketball play-off and I was editing the day’s pictures and I thought that a selfie couple would be a nice exception to this “rule”.

After the match we were ready for bed, so another wild night for us young-but-old-inside-folks…LOL!

Stay tuned for the last day of my Week in the life tomorrow and get ready for video and posts about my WITL album!






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