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Week in the Life 2017// Sunday

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Hi there! Here we are…the last day of Week in the life! I’m really going to miss this project and the challenges it offered me like writing so much every day and taking pictures from different kind of angles or using new (for me…) tools such as photo timer and selfie stick. But I’m happy that I can start in a few days (as my album will be delivered) to put the album together!

On Sunday we went out with friends and I’m really happy that I could document two typical but different kind of weekend days. Sometimes we spend the afternoon and evening out with friends and sometimes we just stay at home binge watching and relaxing. This weekend we had one day for both of these situations and I’m glad that I had the chance to document them, because in a few years from now both of these days will be memories of how we used to spend our weekends.

So let’s start with my last stories for this year’s WITL.


8:41// My usual Calton Hill’s morning picture. Today the day is announcing to be sunny and lovely, so we are definitely think to go out in the afternoon and Alessio is starting to text our friends about it.


9:07// I just met my neighbor outside and she ask me if I could be interested in having a hair straightener since her daughter gave her one, but she don’t use it so she would end up trashing it. I needed one so I accepted and she just drop it. I’m amazed cause this is a really good hair straightener and I’m wondering what I can do to thank her…probably cooking something Italian for her? I’ll have to decide what, but for sure I’m going to prepare something. Probably it’s not the most interesting picture ever, but the strangers kindness is something that always amazes me and made me thankful, that’s why I wanted to document this moment.


10:56// While I was writing Saturday’s blog post, we heard someone playing outside, like a band, so I went out and realized that there’s a marathon passing in front of our house. It’s something that can never think of doing myself, but I love to see how people are cheering and supporting the runners…it’s so nice to see this kind of support.


11:46// This is how we are spending our Sunday morning: watching This is Us while Alessio is texting our friends to make arrangements for this afternoon and I’m writing the Saturday’s blog post. To shot this photo I used the selfie stick and the timer on my iPhone and I really love how it turned out and how I could capture a regular moment of our Sunday mornings.


14:27// We are having a very late lunch, because I was caught up writing and I didn’t realize how much time it was taking me until my stomach complained out loud…LOL! So today easy meal: pasta with pesto. Quick and easy!


16:02// After the shower and getting ready we went out! We are walking to New Town and every time we pass by the Balmoral (a very high range hotel) I’m amazed by its beauty. It’s really one of my favorite building in Edinburgh, a city that is full of beautiful building.


16:43// We met our friend and we went to Costco for a coffe. I’m having my usual Americano with shortbreads and Alessio is having a latte with a chocolate pastry. Quite a lovely snack!


17:32// After the coffee stop, we are going to do some shopping. Alessio needs new jeans and I’ve just discovered the existence of this shop called Theworks that holds cheap scrapbook and art supplies…I can help myself and I’m buying a few stuff and the total is just 28£ (and in the picture you can’t see the two “connecting the dots” book that Alessio bought for himself…) That’s a real deal!


18:43// We went to Primark to buy some jeans and Tshirts for Alessio and while he is in the fitting room, I’m a talking with our friend sitting on a bench and looking around.


19:20// We decided to have some drinks and dinner, so we went to The Newsroom. They have this lovely sign with a typewriter and everybody told us that the food is good, so we are going in and try for ourselves.


20:02// Dinner time! I’m eating a chicken burger with cheddar and mashed potatoes plus a glass of Prosecco, while they guys are having beef and pulled pork burger with fries and beer.


20:34// Every time we pass by this place I stare at their windows full of these jar with light bulbs that I find gorgeous, so when we went out I knew I need to take a picture of them. We are hanging in here until 22:30 and then we are taking opposite direction to go home, we are going south, our friend is going east.


23:00// Already in bed! I’m reading “The Bane Chronicles” by Cassandra Clare and Alessio it’s already playing with his new connecting the dots book. Ten minutes like this and then…Goodnight!

This week of documenting is over and I’m so so glad that I decided to work on this project even if it has been time consuming and a little stressful, but i already know that is totally worth it and I can’t wait to start to work on my album and to see how my life will be next year, when I’m definitely going to this project again!

I’ll be posting pictures and write a post about the album in the next couple of weeks so, as always, STAY TUNED and see you soon!





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